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Tuesday, 27-Jan-2009 09:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
It is 5 Months now...

Salam to all,

I just realised today that my last entry here was about 5 months ago. Where did I go missing? What have I done? Uh uh.... so lets see

On 30 August 2008 me and the family finaly landed (for good) at KLIA. Though we have been back to Malaysia twice before that day, this time the feeling was totally different. Probably knowing that we will not be going back to Nottingham after a month period.

On 2 September 2008... lapor diri time. Met with the KJ this time.

A week later started working already. Fortunately by the time I report duty, the semester has already half way through so no beban tugas for me... ye haaaa!!! Tapi tu yg jadi lebih malas...

As predicted, there were so many things to do... what I still remember was how loud my Damia cried everytime we dropped her off at the mum in law house before I left for work. After a week the same scene kept happening, at last we decided that maybe she need somewhere with many things that can distract her. So finally we choose Raihan Nursery and Kindergarten. We met with the owner... and after hearing the cost incurred for two daughters we left with no intention to send them there. Unfortunately it was either we were so lazy to look at other places or Raihan is so convenient since it is just next to UM... we finally paid a RM1700 to enroll the daughters. Let me mind you that the next payment is RM900 monthly With the hubby is still no way near to get a job.. the budget is so tight. But since Leia will be leaving for school in January 2009... we just pejam mata je la bayo.

So to cut story short... (or simply because I couldn't remember any significant contributions I did for the next 2-3 months) on 5 January 2009, my Leia started schooling at Sek Keb Sri Petaling. In the morning she is at Sek. Agama Al-Azizah .. I don't know other daughters more confident that her.. we only accompanied her for the first school day. The second day, I just dropped by during her reccess time. And from the 3rd day onwards she was on her own. Bravooooo to Leia. Ibu salute you!!!!

Hmmm... I think I need to take a rest because I need to continue my work.. otherwise ada orang mengamuk nanti...

Ok till ketemu lagi.. salam untuk semua yang mengenali.

Friday, 22-Aug-2008 17:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
NMC Family Day 2008

Monday, 7-Jul-2008 13:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wah wah wah..... Our 1st Picnic for Spring, 2008

View all 47 photos...
Believe it or not, this is our 1st time at Mundy Playcentre, Derby after a very looong time at Nottingham. Hahahaha nak wat camner, everytime others invite us to join, we always had other appointments to attend to so terpaksa mohon maaf tak dapat nak join. This time it was almost cancelled at the very last minute in fact already halfway there... since my hubby dah naik angin sebab don't know the way to reach there. Al maklumla takde Mr. TOM TOM. A very big thank you goes to Midon who willingly vrooming his Beemer to look for us and finally got us there. The kids enjoy too much there and kakak already nagging me to go there once again. A bit later ok Kakak... sabo... ibu is doing my best to finish my work.. when ibu's head is mess up then we can go there OK!!!

To all who requested me to upload the photos a long time ago... sorry it took me ages to do it... Busy you .

Apa2 pun enjoy the photos...

Monday, 7-Jul-2008 11:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Back date photos - Sissy's Nottingham Visit 30-5-2008

Salam to all. Had been quiet for a very long period. Not that nothing extraordinary had happened lately.. it just that works are indeed on top of me. So had been struggling hard with them a lot lately and just would want to take several hours off to update my beloved fp. These photos are meant mostly for my at-all-time remembered families and of course my/our friends.


Monday, 2-Jun-2008 11:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Some updates!!!

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